Chapter Three: Life Perspective from Death

In chapter three of A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life we are introduced to a man who is on his death bed. We are allowed to enter into the thoughts and desires that this man has as he looks back on his life in succeeding in business but not caring about his eternal soul and spiritual things. The questions that are raised should be at the forefront of all Christian’s minds. How will I want to have lived my life when I come to the end of my time on earth?

Law’s perspective on the necessity of pursuing the greatest holiness in life comes from Philippians 2:12. Salvation is not merely a “get out of hell” card, but when we are born again there is to be a fear and trembling as we work out that salvation. The great equalizer and the area from which we can grow in our perspective of life is from seeing life from the death. Law notes that when death is added to any of our pursuits, they show how often meaningless and insignificant they truly are.

The chapter is short, but powerful in the way that Law presents the man lamenting that during his life he was able to work diligently to have success in business and with friends but did not care for his soul. In fact, when he came to care for his soul, he simply did not put forth much effort.

The questions for today will focus on how we can grow in viewing life from the end and how that will impact our pursuit of holiness.

Study Questions:

How does death put things into perspective?

When death comes, what are the things that you want to have spent your time, money, and energy toward?

Is the eternality of your soul helpful in making wise lasting choices? Why or why not?

Is it important to live in light of death? Why or why not?

What entertainment or practices do you need to put away to pursue holiness more fully?

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