Book Review: Letters to Children by C.S. Lewis

This short book containing some of the letters that Lewis wrote to children is simply delightful. The manner in which he converses with the questions of the kids is heartwarming. One aspect that sticks out is that he reads the poems, short-stories, and looks at the drawings that the children send and makes encouraging, edifying remarks. He does not gloss over mistakes because “one can learn only by seeing one’s mistakes.” His remarks are not condescending but encouraging and he makes them in a self-depreciating manner that allows the children to send new writings for his perusal. In other words, Lewis gives a glimpse of what it means to encourage growth while not ignoring the weak points.

This short read is fantastic in some of the deep insights that he makes in his brief interactions and in the fact that he took his writing and the impact on those who read what he wrote seriously. All authors should read this to gather the heart of a giant in the literary arena and all his readers will enjoy “pulling the curtain back” on someone that may seem intellectually beyond them.

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Review by Caleb Nedimyer

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